Easy Way Travel provides a wide range of services to make your travel as easy and convenient as possible.

A Message from the President:

We thank all our customers for their continuous business and welcome new customers, with a dedication to serve you well. We are at your service, to provide you with a stress-free booking and other services the best way possible. It is always our hope that you get to your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy a new environment. We take pride in customer satisfaction.

Airline Ticket

In today's world where the globe has shrunk and people live interdependently, it is not unusual to visit multiple continents in a year. People are vacationing more. There is a proliferation of airlines. Although the services provided by airlines are similar, prices sometimes differ greatly. Thus, the need for the services of a Travel Agency to find an airline that meets the customer needs and expectations.

Easy Way Travel provides affordable airfares to its customers who wish to travel to Africa and Europe

Submit a fare request and in a few moment, one of our friendly agents will contact you by email or phone with a free quote


Easy Way Travel is a non-government passport renewing agency here to assist you obtain a Ghana passport. We provide service for both new and renewal applicants. Over the past 5 years, we have helped several applicants successfully acquire a Ghana passport. We will provide you with easy guidelines. With our experience in the travel, we understand the importance of time. As such we encourage you to request expedited services to get your passport to you the quickest way possible. Please note that new or expired passport applications may take longer than 5 weeks.

Lost/Stolen Passport | Damaged Passport | Passport Renewal | New Passport

We also offer assistance for U.S. Passport renewal only for a small fee. All new applicants are required to apply in person. We will guide you to complete the US passport renewal application form(DS-82) and all other necessary documents required to complete the renewal process.

If you have any questions about you passport, contact us during office hours. For our 24hr service, call 646.667.9966.

Visa Application

For your convenience, Easy Way Travel offers Ghana visa application service for customers traveling to Ghana or transiting to neighboring countries. You may complete the visa application questionnaire online and or at our office location. Please be sure to bring the necessary documents listed on the related page. We will take care of the rest.